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The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), offered by Nam Uc Scotch AGS, equips students with essential skills to thrive in a university environment. It fosters competence, empowering students to confidently integrate and achieve success in both their careers and lives.

The SACE program

Study at Saigon Center Campus

Scholarship up to 700 million VND

Or Tuition Policy up to 35% of tuition fee

Or the Tuition Discount Priority with 40% tuition fee (package 500 million VND)

The SACE program

Scotch College Adelaide is a prestigious Australian school system with a history spanning over 100 years of formation and development. A perennial choice for affluent families in Australia, Scotch College Adelaide aims to extend its mission of nurturing talented generations beyond the borders of Australia. This aspiration commences with the introduction of the Scotch College Australian Grammar School System (Nam Uc Scotch AGS) in Vietnam.

Nam Uc Scotch AGS offers a comprehensive Australian education program (SACE), complemented by over a century of professional expertise from Scotch College Adelaide. The program is designed to achieve outstanding educational outcomes for students. We are committed to fostering and developing the talented Vietnamese generation, guiding them to explore and maximize their academic potential.

At South Australia Scotch AGS, we emphasize values such as respect, confidence, integrity, and community. Graduates of Grade 12 at South Australia Scotch AGS are awarded the Australian Gifted Program (SACE) diploma, a globally recognized qualification. They consistently attain outstanding admission results and continue to excel in the top 1% of prestigious universities worldwide.

Prepare your child for the top 1% global universities from Grade 10 at Nam Uc Scotch AGS

100 years of educational excellence from Australia

An inclusive education for Intellectual – Physical – Spiritual development

The international school nurturing Vietnamese talents

top why scotch ags, students join in historical competition

An inclusive education for Intellectual – Physical – Spiritual development

Why Scotch AGS

Global citizens enriched with Vietnamese identity

Excellent pathway to global Top 1% universities

Listening and Sharing

The SACE Program

SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) is licensed and designed by the SACE Board. SACE is an all-encompassing and highly adaptable learning program, offering students the chance to explore diverse areas aligned with their passions.

From Nam Uc Scotch AGS to the global top 1% of universities

Nam Uc Scoth AGS study pathway

To graduate with SACE, students need to complete 200 credits, of which stage 1 (grades 10 and 11), students will study 100 credits. In stage 2 (grade 12), students will study the remaining 100 credits to complete the program.

In addition to the credits from the compulsory subjects, including English, Math, and Research Project (50 credits), students will be able to choose most of the subjects (150 credits) according to their interests and future goals.

At Scotch AGS, students begin the SACE journey in Grade 10 with the Research Practice subject. Early access to SACE will provide a good foundation for students to familiarize themselves with the roadmap, thereby being well prepared for the process of choosing subjects and majors in grades 11–12.

ACE study pathway

Grades 11–12: The curriculum revolves around three compulsory subjects: Math, English, and Research Projects, along with a group of selective subjects around four main majors: Technology, Medicine, Business, and Art.

In addition, the clubs and co-curricular activities at this Australian school also help students discover their potential and career passion, thereby laying a solid foundation for them to choose the right majors at the university level.

3 years of High school with 7 competencies


We develop skills to understand and interpret a variety of texts and people in a range of different situations and countries. Literacy is an every-century skill. Literacy is reading, remembering, writing, understanding, creating, and speaking.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Innovation and Creativity
Personal and Social Capabilities
Ethical Understanding
Intercultural Understanding

The SACE is a qualification that will take students to their dream university courses and careers. SACE graduates have enrolled at universities of their choice around the globe.

See the full list of Universities that accept the SACE at: SACEi University Destination Data 2021.

Financial support and Scholarship policy


Students enrolling at Nam Uc Scotch AGS with accepted scholarship criteria may be eligible for a scholarship of up to 45% of tuition fees.

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Finanical Aid

Parents can participate in the 40% Tuition Discount Priority package offered within the special financial packages during each enrollment period.

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Tuition Support Policy

Students enrolling Nam Uc Scotch AGS before January 31, 2024, can get a tuition support policy of up to 700 million VND per student.

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