Focusing on co-curricular programs is the goal of training at Scotch AGS. We desire that every student has the opportunity to discover new knowledge, be positive to have life experiences to become the best version of themselves.

What is Co-Curricular program?

Co-Curricular is not activities in main curriculum. They are added to the curriculum to strengthen, practice and enhance existing knowledge or skills and enrich their life experiences. This is also an opportunity for children to both learn and play to relax after many hours at school as well as improve the quality of their studies, develop their positive sides in other aspects of their lives.

The importance of co-curricular programs in school life

Participating in extracurricular activities at Scotch AGS brings many benefits:

1. Improve physical fitness

Extracurricular activities are often accompanied by sports. Practicing sports helps children build team spirit, improve health, increase resistance, develop height, find positive energy for themselves.

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2. Improve knowledge and life skills

Not only are the regular physical activities, but the extra-curricular program also broadens the children’s knowledge about and equips them with essential life skills, such as first aid and medical activities. improvisation in emergency situations, teamwork, leadership, presentation skills.

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3. Bonding friendship

Team activities, bonding games are an ideal environment for students to make new friends and bond with classmates.

– Clubs
– Festival
– Picnic
– Skills development
– Talent contest