Bus Service


Shuttle bus service: flexible – safe – reasonable

To ensure the safety of students’ travel as well as to meet the convenience for parents, Scotch AGS provides children with flexible and safe shuttle service at a reasonable cost.

The Scotch AGS school shuttle will run on most inner-city routes and will make acceptable route changes to save time. The vehicle system is new, modern, and maintained on a regular basis, providing the comfort and safety of the children during the journey.

The shuttle service at Scotch AGS will be the ideal alternative for students and parents, thanks to a team of competent drivers and the strict management of the management team.

Bus fees for private pick-up point


Annual Fee

(Discounted 5%)

Term 1 Term 2
≤ 5 km 24.700.000 13.000.000 13.000.000
5km – 10km 34.200.000 18.000.000 18.000.000
10km – 15km 39.900.000 21.000.000 21.000.000
15km – 20km 51.300.000 21.000.000 21.000.000
20km – 30km 66.500.000 35.000.000 35.000.000

(The fee can be adjusted according to the actual situation)

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