Learning Pathway


The Scotch AGS curriculum is standardized throughout grades 1-12 and is based on the Australian National Curriculum (ACARA). Students in high school will receive an Australian Baccalaureate – SACE with global value after finishing the program.

The teaching and learning program at Scotch AGS, throughout grades 1-12, is standardized based on the Australian National Curriculum (ACARA). At the high school level, students will be awarded the Australian Baccalaureate – SACE. 

The learning path for students at Scotch AGS matches all 3 criteria: uniformity, relevance and rigor for each student’s development stage at each grade level.

  • Grade 1-5: Teaching according to the Australian national curriculum, focusing on developing basic reading and writing skills, numeracy, awareness of health, communication with the community.
  • Grade 6-9: Teaching according to the Australian national curriculum. In addition to continuing to develop hard skills, students will be focused on developing information technology skills, forming a sense of personal responsibility, actively seeking practical solutions to challenges. social and economic aspects outside of school. Moreover, students are given the opportunites to choose their favorite fields for the future.
  • Grade 10 – 12: Teaching according to the SACE program, designed with special pathways. In addition, Scotch AGS has clubs, extra-curricular activities and social activities to help students discover their potential and passion for their profession, which lays a solid foundation for them to choose the right major at university.

Learning Pathway at Scotch AGS