SACE Certificate


Scotch AGS is pleased to be a SACE International partner, offering the Australian Baccalaureate – SACE program to Vietnamese students.

SACE Certificate image
SACE Certificate image

High school students studying the Australian Baccalaureate – SACE program will receive an internationally valid SACE certificate. To graduate with SACE, in 2 years of grade 11 and 12, students are required to study and complete 200 training credits, equivalent to about 10-12 subjects, of which 3 are compulsory subjects: Mathematics and English and Research Method. The remaining subjects, students are selected from the list of training subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Design, Business, etc., depending on their own strengths and career trends at the university level later.

Out of 200 credits, there will be 100-110 credits, equivalent to 5-6 subjects that will be converted into ATAR Australian University admission scores. Academic results are scored on a letter scale (A, B, C, D), in which 70% of the points come from the results accumulated during the study process, 30% come from the final exam scores in the same exam with Australia. Graduation results will be shown on two types of transcripts: SACE’s score scale (A, B, C, D) and a transcript converted to ATAR scores used for admission to Australian bachelors and universities above world.

ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) is a method of reviewing university entrance scores based on ranking groups. ATAR is a measure of the ranking among students in the same Australian high school exit exam and this will be the scale that determines university admission. ATAR’s highest ranking of 99.95 belongs to the Top 1% of best students in Australia.

For example, if a student you have achieved an ATAR score of 80, that means your academic performance is better than 80% of the total number of other candidates who took the SACE exam that year, it also means that you are in the top 10 in the top 20% and you will be provided with an ATAR transcript certificate.

The SACE is a qualification that will take students to their dream university courses and careers. SACE graduates have enrolled at universities of their choice around the globe.

SACE Journey and credits accumulation