High School

passport to the world

Nam Uc Scotch AGS believes that education is not just about learning or grades. It’s about educating students, understanding them, and the challenges that they are facing in an ever-changing world.

The High School program at Nam Uc Scotch AGS orients students to develop the skills they need to become global citizens and be able to adapt to this changing world.

The connection between students, families, and the school is a top priority at Scotch AGS. We aim to build a learning environment that supports and motivates students as well as strengthens the connection between families and school to help each student confidently reach their potential.

High School Program with The ACE program

The ACE program is a comprehensive and highly flexible curriculum that gives students the opportunity to pursue a wide range of fields of interest.

Nam Uc Scotch AGS Grade 12 graduates earning the Australian certificate achieve outstanding results and go on to achieve higher levels at top universities in Australia as well as prestigious universities in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

ACE study pathway and accumulating credits

To graduate with the Australian certificate, students need to complete 200 credits, of which stage 1 (grades 10 and 11), students will study 100 credits. In stage 2 (grade 12), students will study the remaining 100 credits to complete the program.

In addition to the credits from the compulsory subjects, including English, Math, and Research Project (50 credits), students will be able to choose most of the subjects (150 credits) according to their interests and future goals.

At Nam Uc Scotch AGS, students begin the ACE journey in Grade 10 with the Research Practice subject. Early access to the ACE will provide a good foundation for students to familiarize themselves with the roadmap, thereby being well prepared for the process of choosing subjects and majors in grades 11–12.

Grades 11–12: The curriculum revolves around three compulsory subjects: Math, English, and Research Projects, along with a group of selective subjects around four main majors: Technology, Medicine, Business, and Art.

In addition, the clubs and co-curricular activities at this Australian school also help students discover their potential and career passion, thereby laying a solid foundation for them to choose the right majors at the university level.

Personal competencies prepared when graduating from the ACE program

The ACE program equips students with the necessary skills to confidently integrate, assert themselves in the university environment, achieve success in work and life, and develop the full range of their individual abilities.


We develop skills to understand and interpret a variety of texts and people in a range of different situations and countries. Literacy is an every-century skill. Literacy is reading, remembering, writing, understanding, creating, and speaking.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Innovation and Creativity
Personal and Social Capabilities
Ethical Understanding
Intercultural Understanding

The Australian certificate issued by the SACE Board is a qualification that will take students to their dream university courses and careers. SACE graduates have enrolled at universities of their choice around the globe.

See the full list of universities with students having the Australian certificate studying here: SACEi University Destination Data 2021.

CCA program

Scotch AGS believes that a variety of co-curricular programs will help students be versatile and develop comprehensively in different areas of life. Therefore, the school offers extracurricular activities in four areas: Sports, Arts, Science, and Social activities.

In Grade 10, students participate in project-based activities revolving around the four areas mentioned above. The program helps students shape, discover, and develop their own talents in order to prepare for the university application process.

In Grades 11 and 12, the extracurricular program mainly focuses on activities that help students complete their application documents to win scholarships at the world’s top 1% of universities.