Why Scotch AGS


With a mission for a sustainable future, Scotch AGS focuses on nurturing the children’s responsibilities while also raising their feelings of happiness.

100 years of educational excellence from Australia

Scotch College Adelaide is a prestigious Australian international school system with a history spanning over 100 years. The school has consistently been the top choice for aristocratic families in Australia. Scotch College Adelaide aspires to extend its mission of educating and nurturing talented young generations beyond its borders. This endeavor began with the establishment of Nam Uc Scotch AGS in Vietnam.

Nam Uc Scotch AGS inherits a century-long commitment to comprehensive education, a stringent training model, and a globally recognized curriculum. We thoughtfully adapt these elements to align with Vietnam’s practical talent development needs.

Global citizens enriched with Vietnamese identity

In our interconnected world, possessing international skills and an open mindset is a competitive advantage for young professionals. Striking a balance of “integration without assimilation,” future global Vietnamese citizens must also uphold core traditional values, including language, culture, and history.

At Nam Uc Scotch AGS, we strive for equilibrium. Students engage with global peers in an open-minded setting, embracing diverse cultural values while continually integrating the richness of Vietnamese heritage. This is demonstrated through various activities, including the View into the Past competition, an art series with Australian talents, and traditional Vietnamese festivals throughout the academic year.

Comprehensive Education Development in Intelligence, Physicality, and Spirituality

Comprehensive education at Nam Uc Scotch AGS goes beyond imparting knowledge; it also focuses on nurturing students’ physical health and building personal character and values. Students develop a balanced and holistic foundation for their future lives across all three criteria:

  • Intelligent: We encourage students to think critically, innovate creatively, and develop problem-solving skills. Students acquire these skills through learning experiences, scientific research projects, and community activities integrated into the curriculum.
  • Physicality: A healthy body lays the groundwork for all progress. Students have opportunities to engage in physical activities such as badminton, swimming, football, and volleyball during regular class hours as well as in co-curricular activities (CCAs). Students learn valuable lessons in determination, perseverance, and teamwork through training sessions and competitions.
  • Spirituality: Nam Uc Scotch AGS prioritizes the mental health of each student. The school incorporates practices like meditation and yoga into CCAs program and provides guidance on managing and positively adapting to emotions. Well-being activities encourage self-reflection and awareness of personal values, helping students maintain a resilient spirit to face life’s challenges.

The international school nurturing Vietnamese talents

At Nam Uc Scotch AGS, students take center stage while teachers assume the role of guides. Students absorb knowledge through collaborative project work, information research, presentations, and critical discussions. Additionally, extracurricular clubs from the CCA program, along with internationally renowned academic competitions, provide students with opportunities for personal development, leadership skills, and effective teamwork.

Notably, Talent Connect stands out as one of the largest academic competitions at Nam Uc Scotch AGS, bringing together talented students from across Ho Chi Minh City to compete and engage in mutual learning.

Excellent pathway to global Top 1% universities

With the prestigious South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), recognized worldwide, Scotch AGS students greatly improve their chances of acceptance and scholarships at top universities in Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and beyond.

Additionally, our extensive network with renowned universities grants students exclusive access to the top 1% of universities worldwide, offering enticing scholarship opportunities. Through collaborations with leading institutions in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, Nam Uc Scotch AGS organizes informative events such as information sessions, demo classes, and uni-pathways, enhancing students’ experiences and assisting in their important career decisions.

In 2023, representatives from prestigious Australian universities, including the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University, Western Sydney University, Macquarie University, and Deakin University,…, provided valuable guidance to help students prepare for their future journey to their dream universities.