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With a mission for a sustainable future, Scotch AGS focuses on nurturing the children’s responsibilities while also raising their feelings of happiness.

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Scotch AGS

Nền giáo dục toàn diện làm hành trang cho cuộc sống

Với mục tiêu luôn hướng tới tương lai bền vững, Scotch AGS tập trung vào việc nuôi dưỡng ý thức trách nhiệm, đồng thời nâng cao cảm nhận hạnh phúc đối với các em học sinh.

100 years of educational excellence comes to Vietnam.

We – Scotch College AGS, are proud to be the strategic partner of Scotch College. In collaborating with Scotch, we can draw on over 100 years of experience to bring educational excellence to the talented young Vietnamese students. A Scotch College education has been proven over 100 years to create pathways to university for students in South Australia. In our partnership we are drawing on this experience to build a perfect path for our local students, into local or global universities. 

The Australian High School Certificate of Education – the SACE has been recognised internationally with a monolingual program.

The SACE International is supervised and accredited by the SACE Council – an educational organization of the South Australian Government. As a result, the training program adheres to stringent assessment requirements as well as quality control procedures in order to assure the academic value and quality of the Australian Baccalaureate – SACE internationally. SACE is an excellent preparation for any University pathway. Students with SACE can get admission to world-renowned universities such as Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Singapore, etc.

Nurturing Vietnamese talents in an international educational setting.

With a mission to train each student to become a global citizen possessing leadership competence and lifelong learning capability, Scotch AGS focuses on exploiting the full potential of academic brainpower, culture, music and physical activities. Students will develop in an environment with mental health, learning encouragement and awareness of community values. Scotch AGS will also empower students’ self-study capabilities and prepare for them the best learning pathway to conquer top universities all over the world.

Challenging every student to become a global citizen, a leader and a lifelong learner.

We are not only giving students the knowledge they will need to be successful: having a global view, being able to work collaboratively and leading by example, and learning how to learn, not just how to recall knowledge are important messages.

An inclusive education for Intellectual – Physical – and Spiritual development

Scotch AGS is focused with the demands of each individual’s development. Our Scotchies not only follow a specific curriculum, but it is also a terrific environment to help them improve and inherit the best educational settings. At Scotch AGS, we provide a comprehensive education that encourages and nurtures learners to become pleasant, accomplished and well-managed citizens. Scotch AGS students are educated to create a positive and purposeful impacts throughout their lives – to live a life well lived. Scotchies are adaptable, perspicuous, resilient, and empowered; understand their purpose and their ability to contribute; know how to communicate efficiently; and are confident to raise their voice. Our world-class standards is set to motivate and encourage individuals to achieve their full potential in terms of learning and conduct. Scotch AGS mission is to prepare our students to be globally integrated citizens.

Sophisticated facilities and equipment

Scotch AGS commits to provide consistent, outstanding innovation in people, curricular, and infrastructure that is based on sustainability, in order to generate possibilities for young people to acquire awareness, boldness, and flexibility to make a difference anywhere in the world. Out Sport Hall comprises a training ground, gymnastic, swimming pool, counselling room to assist students’ health.

Internationally qualified teachers

Our Scotch AGS teachers are guaranteed with exceptional teaching abilities and a passion for the profession, as well as international professional qualifications, to ensure the best education work for students. For more information, please visit:

Scotch College is not a school.
It is a way of life.

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