Why Scotch AGS


With a mission for a sustainable future, Scotch AGS focuses on nurturing the children’s responsibilities while also raising their feelings of happiness.

100 years of educational excellence from Australia

Scotch College Adelaide is the oldest private school system in Australia. Having 100 years of establishment and development, Scotch College Adelaide is proud to be the best educational environment with top-quality training.

Not only a school with a long history, Scotch College is also the best place for talents such as professional performers, doctors, lawyers, politicians or outstanding people to use the quintessence learned at Scotch to advance their own careers. In addition, the philosophy that a harmonious combination of academic environment and lifestyle has contributed to the value of 100 years of education and training at Scotch College.

Moreover, the school has a team of good teachers with international qualifications, who are highly trained in teaching, have richness in experience, understand students’ psychology, and are dedicated to the profession. This contributes greatly to the creation of excellent results with more than 95% of Scotch College graduates entering universities, including prestigious universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge.

Nurturing Vietnamese talents in an international education

With a mission to train each student to become a global citizen possessing leadership competence and lifelong learning capability, Scotch AGS focuses on exploiting the full potential of academic brainpower, culture, music and physical activities

It is this that helps Scotch AGS students not only have exciting moments in the classroom to accumulate knowledge and foreign languages, but also a place to “practice” soft skills, self-study ability, connect to each other. Students are inspired to learn, and grow in their passion for discovery.

Inclusive education for Intellectual – Physical – Spiritual development

In addition to helping students have a solid knowledge base, we extremely focus on mental health. The school always pays great attention to how to equip students with future journey and enrich life experiences to find the value of happiness for themselves.

Therefore, the quintessence of education at Scotch AGS for Vietnamese students is the community and the physical and mental well-being. Scotch College is not a school, it’s a way of life, a village with unique living and academic experiences that all students are free to choose and decide to do whatever suits their strengths so that they can become the best version of themselves. This has contributed to the development of both physical and mental health of the students on the journey to accumulate knowledge to reach the final important milestone – the top 1% universities.

Sophisticated facilities and equipment for learning and creativity

Scotch AGS with three campuses located in Ho Chi Minh City. The facilities and classrooms are invested with modern standards, helping to create favorable conditions, providing the most complete tools and equipment for learning, research and creativity.

Each classroom at Scotch AGS has its appearance, with an impressive and distinctive design style. It demonstrates the function of the place such as a library, laboratory, computer room… In addition to the system practice room, each Scotch AGS campus has an open space for P.E., rest and relax after every hour at school.

SACE certificate – Excellent pathway to global Top 1% universities

From grade 10, students at Scotch AGS have had access to the Australian Certificate – SACE program. This is the perfect preparation for any pathway to University. With the SACE certificate, students can enter prestigious universities in the world such as Australia, UK, USA, Canada and Singapore, etc.

  • SACE students understand their career goals and accumulate the necessary knowledge after having studied and experienced the right career orientation in high school.
  • The academic program focuses on equipping students with essential skills to turn theory into application, develop into practical working capacity, and be able to solve each arising problem.
  • The SACE pathway harmoniously combines based on practical desires of students and requirements from world-renowned universities, through 7 personal skills to create a solid launchpad for them to take the next step into a globalized society.

Every year, about 40% of SACE students around the world pursue their own dreams, from hot majors such as administration and business, some difficult fields such as medicine and dentistry to gifted ones such as music, art.