Tuition Fee


Grade Official Tuition Full Year Tuition Half Year Tuition Quarterly Tuition
1 299.000.000 299.000.000 150.995.000 150.995.000
2 299.000.000 299.000.000 150.995.000 150.995.000
3 345.920.000 345.920.000 174.689.600 174.689.600
4 345.920.000 345.920.000 174.689.600 174.689.600
5 385.360.000 385.360.000 194.060.800 194.060.800
6 429.630.000 429.630.000 216.826.800 216.826.800
7 429.630.000 429.630.000 216.826.800 216.826.800
8 462.000.000 462.000.000 233.310.000 233.310.000
9 462.000.000 462.000.000 233.310.000 233.310.000
10 496.680.000 496.680.000 250.823.400 250.823.400
11 496.680.000 496.680.000 250.823.400 250.823.400
12 496.680.000 496.680.000 250.823.400 250.823.400

Tuition fee does not include:

  • Uniform
  • Textbooks and stationery
  • Extra co-curricular classes: music, sports, arts, etc.
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Co-educational day fees
  • Other surcharges such as photo publications, magazines of the school, etc
  • Fines for late payment under the School’s admission policy
  • Fees for items such as textbooks and other consumables are paid directly to the suppliers
  • Tablets, personal computers for each level of study. Please refer to the School’s website about regulations and requirements for online learning.
  • Fees for optional excursion must be paid in full before departure day
  • Other fees

Admission fee

The admission fee is 25,000,000 VND. This non-refundable application fee must be paid at the time of enrolment. If a family has two or more children enrolled in the school, the admission cost for the second child and subsequent children is lowered by half.

Application fee

1.000.000 VND (This is non-refundable, payable upon submission of an Application Form to the school, including the initial entrance assessment fee).

Retest fee

500.000 VND (This is non-refundable, payable upon application to re-attempt the entrance assessments).

Reservation fee

25,000,000 VND (non-refundable, payable upon acceptance of the offer of admission, but deducted from the first tuition payment period if all admission and payment conditions are met).

Pathway English course/ EAP

Students who do not meet the English language requirements for admission are required to join this program. Tuition for a 40 hours of English course is 9.000.000 VND.

Discounts for siblings

Tuition is deductible for siblings from grades 1 to 12 in the order of birth:

  • 5% for second child
  • 10% for third child
  • 15% for fourth child and so forth

This policy will be applied to the portion of tuition fees paid after the scholarship policy has been applied.


In accordance with the current price at the start of each semester.

Fees for co-educational day meal

One lunch and two snacks in the morning and afternoon are provided to one student per day. The daily cost is expected to be around 150.000 VND.

Withdrawal and refund

If parents wish to withdraw an application or if other circumstances arise in addition to the Letter of Invitation for Admission, the parents must notify the Board of Directors in writing prior to the start of the semester; otherwise, the parents will be responsible for the full tuition fee for that semester. For instances participating in the EduFin 2023, withdrawal and refund policies will be detailed separately.