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With SACE – South Australian Certificate of Education – students can enter any prestigious universities around the world such as Australia, UK, US, Canada and Singapore

What is SACE International?

South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is an Australian Baccalaureate Certificate with international validity issued by the South Australian government. SACE International is an organisation supervised and accredited by the SACE Board (The SACE Board of South Australia), an educational organisation under the South Australian Government. Therefore, the curriculum framework is designed based on rigorously assessed standards and standardised quality control processes, ensuring the academic value and quality of the Australian High School Certificate of Education – SACE worldwide.

The SACE training program is taught 100% in English, with the program content designed according to modern academic trends, including a diversity of subjects in many specialties, with a view to equipping students with knowledge, skills and maximise personal capacity so that after completing the program, students grow up and succeed in their future career. SACE is the perfect preparation for any pathway to university. With the Australian Baccalaureate – SACE, students can enter any prestigious university around the world such as Australia, UK, USA, Canada and Singapore.

The Australian Baccalaureate Program – SACE is currently taught in many countries around the world such as Malaysia, China, Vietnam, New Caledonia, Vanuatu. In Vietnam, Scotch AGS is currently an accredited partner recognized by SACE International, sharing the same values and vision of delivering a quality and sustainable curriculum.

Why the Australian Baccalaureate Program – SACE at Scotch AGS?

  • An official Australian qualification
  • The Australian Baccalaureate Certificate – SACE issued by the South Australian Government, with international value, recognized around the world.
  • Pathways to top universities in Australia and around the world.

More than 40,000 international students have graduated from the program since 1982 and gained a place at top universities in the world. 100% of Australian Baccalaureate – SACE 2020 graduates are admitted to Australian Universities. Cost saving: Students can join the Australian Baccalaureate program – SACE right in Vietnam, which saves money and time. They have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the international standard academic program, shortening the adjustment time when they study abroad at universities around the globe.

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