“Earlier learning pathways students prepare, easier future career requirements they meet”

“There is a gap between fresh graduates’ qualifications and the actual needs of businesses.”

That is the sharing of the representative of the leadership of Scotch AGS in the information session SACE Journey: The Australian Baccalaureate—SACE & Pathway to the World’s Top 1% Universities from Grade 10 at Scotch AGS“, which took place on April 22, 2023 at No. 05 Truong Quoc Dung, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District.

The high school level is very important

According to ministry and sector estimates, around 60% of today’s students graduate with good grades but do not meet corporate standards. Furthermore, a lack of soft skills affects students’ ability to handle challenges while interacting with other departments.

Scotch AGS SACE Journey
A large number of parents participated in the high school information session at Scotch AGS.

According to a Scotch AGS representative, this depends not only on specific knowledge at the university level but also on pre-built study skills. The abilities that students develop in high school will heavily influence their performance at university and in the future. As a result, students should be well-prepared for the training programs and equipped with the necessary skills to succeed at university.

Strengthening students’ capabilities is one of the most important educational features that Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and other countries have traditionally prioritized. Their accomplishments in any field or subject are usually acknowledged. Therefore, many parents now choose the international education program for their child starting in the 10th grade to assist them in accessing modern education, updating new technology, and opening up new chances for students to enhance their potential.

Scotch AGS SACE Journey
Parents listen attentively to the sharing from the leadership of Scotch AGS.

When sharing the advantages of the Australian high school education system, a representative of Scotch AGS emphasized that the program always combines teaching and assessing through the set of competencies that a student needs to learn and work in the 21st century through the SACE program. SACE is the South Australian Baccalaureate Program, an internationally recognized graduation certificate. With SACE, students not only learn to build a foundation of academic knowledge but also know how to think creatively and apply what they have learned in their real lives to create more value for their community.

Early preparation for the university pathway with the SACE journey at Scotch AGS

Scotch AGS always believes that learning is an experiential process. That is the reason why the philosophy of “Learning with practice” is used in all aspects of training. At the high school level, students will experience the SACE program in many different fields through independent subjects and cumulative period subjects. Trained by SACE, students discover not only their own interests and strengths but also try new fields to expand their career options later.

Scotch AGS SACE Journey
Many parents had questions for the school leadership representative during the information session.

The school is particularly interested in mental health and life skills, in addition to excellent academic knowledge. Co-curricular activities at Scotch AGS help students develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and improving school life through gifted activities, art, and sports. They will have a solid academic foundation and the perfect personal capacity to tackle the demands of university as well as future professional requirements as a result of these.

The information session “SACE Journey: The Australian Baccalaureate—SACE & Pathway to the World’s Top 1% Universities from Grade 10 at Scotch AGS” is a series of information seminars organized by Scotch AGS school with the desire to provide useful information to parents and students about Australian education, training philosophy, and curriculum for High School levels at Scotch AGS. Register to attend the information session to learn more about useful educational information and easily choose a learning environment for your child.