Admission for the academic year 2024-2025

Nam Uc Scotch AGS School awards the ACE scholarship program, with a total value of up to 35 billion VND.

For the academic year 2024–2025, Nam Uc Scotch AGS School offers a scholarship for the ACE program for new students entering grades 10–11 with outstanding academic achievements. The scholarship will be assessed during the admissions process.

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The Australian certificate of education – Your passport to top universities worldwide

In Vietnam, Nam Uc Scotch AGS offers a scholarship for the ACE program. Inheriting educational excellence from the 100-year-old Scotch College Adelaide in Australia, Nam Uc Scotch AGS adheres to high standards in curriculum, faculty, and assessment regulations.

Australian Certificate of Education

ACE is the official high school program designed for students in grades 11-12 in Australia.

Why choose the ACE program?

The ACE comprehensively develops the knowledge and skills of students

Preparing for university

The top 1% of universities worldwide highly values students with the Australian Excellence Certificate.

Nam Uc Scotch AGS offers a scholarship up to 35 billion VND

Scholarship based on GPA

Scholarship GPA of the previous year GPA of the previous year (gifted high school) English proficiency
(35%-40%-45%) GPA >= 8.5 GPA >= 8.0 IELTS 6.0+ | VEPT 51+
8.0 <= GPA < 8.5 7.5 <= GPA < 8.0 IELTS 6.5+ | VEPT 56+
7.5 <= GPA < 8.0 7.0 <= GPA < 7.5 IELTS 7.0+ | VEPT 61+

Scholarship for students in the Excellent Student Exam

Students winning excellent student contests at all levels are considered for additional scholarships based on specific cases (The scholarship value decreases in each admission round).

  • Awards in district level Academic Excellence Competitions and above (with accompanying list).
  • Other competitions not at the district-city level (considered case by case).


All students who have paid the enrollment deposit are eligible to participate in the Talent Connect for Newbie event, providing them with the opportunity to receive a special scholarship of up to 70%, applicable for three academic years from Grade 10 to Grade 12. The school will organize this event in March, April, May, and June, specifically designed to enhance scholarship levels.

Excellent students at Nam Uc Scotch AGS

Instructions for applying for a scholarship

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Register for a consultation

Step 2

Check the eligibility conditions

Step 3

Fulfill the entrance examination requirements, if applicable

Step 4

Submit your scholarship application

Step 5

Await for the results announcement

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