Scotch AGS Open Mic – Sing Together: Let your musical dream fly high

Open Mic - Sing Together at Scotch AGS

Gathering many promising vocalists, “Open Mic – Sing Together” at Scotch AGS has been launched since April to provide a true musical stage, helping students confidently express their own talents.

With a philosophy that focuses on the well-being of students, Scotch AGS always organizes many co-curricular activities as well as useful playgrounds where students can be the center of attention. In teaching, the school understands that music is not only a subject but also a positive catalyst to help promote artistic talent and creativity in each student. This is also the reason why “Open Mic – Sing Together” was born at Scotch AGS with the first performances on April 21.

Open Mic - Sing Together at Scotch AGS
Many Scotch AGS students enjoyed showing off their voices in Open Mic event.

In addition to musical performances by students in grades 6–10, the participation of teachers with professional vocal techniques made the mini concert more inspiring than ever.

“Open Mic – Sing Together” is a weekly activity organized by Scotch AGS with the desire to create a useful playground for students to showcase their musical talents. The event takes place every Monday with the participation of a large number of Scotch AGS students and teachers.

Open Mic - Sing Together at Scotch AGS
Scotchies confidently performed accompaniment on guitar.

At this event, Scotchies will also have the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy amazing songs. The stage is located in the main hall area, making it convenient to gather all students as well as easily welcome the participation of parents. Along with a huge investment in performing instruments such as piano, guitar, and drums, this music activity is expected to expand further to become an exciting event to help find musical talents in the future.

Open Mic - Sing Together at Scotch AGS
Open Mic – Singing Together will be a recurring musical activity held every Monday at Scotch AGS