The Final Round of “View into the Past”: Who is the winner?

The final round of View into the past

On April 27, 2023, the final round of the “View Into the Past” contest was officially held to the warm cheers of Scotch AGS students and teachers.

“View into the Past” is a competition about historical knowledge organized for all students by the Scotch AGS school. The purpose of the competition is to provide the environment for students to become closer to Vietnamese history as well as Vietnamese cultural values while studying at an international school.

In the previous round, with their in-depth historical knowledge, three teams, including Saigon, Hanoi, and Ben Tre, excellently won the next ticket to enter the final round.

The final consists of two rounds:

  • Round 1: Quickly answer short history questions in the form of ringing the bell to win the right to answer.
  • Round 2: Answer the historical question in the form of behavior and presentation.
The final round of View into the past
Three teams: Saigon, Hanoi and Ben Tre in the first round with quick questions.

The beginning was a series of 15 questions about extensive historical knowledge, with increasing difficulty. Relying on the mix of teammates in many different grades, all the members worked efficiently to find out the right answers and win points for their team. At the end of the first round, the Hanoi team took the lead in round 1.

In the second round, three teams drew constructed-response questions from the judges. Three questions about characters in different historical legends of the Hung Kings, such as Mai An Tiem, Lang Lieu, etc., made the race to the finish line more dramatic than ever. Especially in this part of the test, students must answer bilingually. This is a challenge for Scotchies when having to think quickly and answer fluently in both English and Vietnamese.

The final round of View into the past
Each team took turns answering self-reported behavioral questions in round 2.

Smart responses about the gift that will be offered to King Hung from the Hanoi team, the decision to bring back watermelon seeds to teach people how to cultivate in the hometown of the Saigon team, and the use of media to widely disseminate the national history to the world by friends from the Ben Tre team helped the three teams make a strong impression and receive warm cheers from the audiences.

The appearance of Scotch AGS music band made the atmosphere of the competition more energetic. All members brought an eye-catching performance and beautiful voice to the audience before the final results were announced.

With their excellence in both rounds, the members of the Ben Tre team became the champions of “View into the Past”. The two teams that finished second and third were Saigon and Hanoi, respectively. All students received prizes and medals from the organizers.

The final round of View into the past
Three teams received prizes and souvenirs from the organizers.

Sharing with the audience, the three teams said that they were very happy to be in the final round and hope that the contest will be expanded further in the future so that Scotch AGS’s students have the opportunity to introduce Vietnamese history to their global friends.

In the atmosphere of the Vietnamese people towards the Hung Kings Commemoration, the competition becomes more and more meaningful when it reminds them of the tradition of building and defending the country of the Vietnamese people. This is a useful and interesting playground that helps students not only have the opportunity to learn more about their country’s history but also bring the national culture closer to international friends.