Scotch AGS Open Ceremony 2023: Lifelong learning is the essential key of education

Scotch AGS Open Ceremony 2023

On July 24, 2023, a memorable opening ceremony welcoming the new school year was held at both Scotch AGS campuses: Saigon Center (Phu Nhuan) and West Saigon (Tan Phu).

This is the first year that the Scotch AGS West Saigon campus (300 Hoa Binh, Tan Phu) officially went into operation with the goal of inter-level training at the primary and secondary levels. Along with the exciting atmosphere of the opening ceremony, the students came to school with joy, starting a study week full of energy.

At the beginning, Dr. Thu Phan, Executive Principal of Scotch AGS, said that the school always focuses on developing Scotch AGS as an international school for excellent students, in parallel with polishing training quality to maximize the capacity of each student.

Dr. Douglas Foster, Chancellor of Scotch AGS, shared that he was very delighted when Scotch AGS West Saigon had the first opening ceremony. He is extremely proud that the generation of Vietnamese students is gradually approaching a high-quality education from Scotch College Adelaide, a hundred-year-old Australian school with standard training methods at Scotch AGS.

Scotch AGS Open Ceremony 2023 - lifelong learning
Dr. Douglas Foster shared his feelings at the first open ceremony at the Scotch AGS West Saigon Campus.

“At Scotch AGS, we provide a comprehensive education program for students from Primary to High School with the mission of building their life-long learning. Not only do we lay a solid foundation of knowledge, but we also pay special attention to developing mental health in each student. We hope they will maximize their individual abilities and become the best version of themselves.”

Moreover, the representative of Scotch AGS’s leadership team also emphasized eight important qualities that the school focuses on training for students at all levels: Resilience, Achievement, Discipline, Inquisitiveness, Respect, Appreciation, Helpfulness, and Integrity. Learning is important, but a good personality is still the core of education. Therefore, character education is always promoted in school to help students build a standard attitude toward life, study, and work in both the present and the future.

Scotch AGS Open Ceremony 2023
Beside lifelong learning ability, Dr. Douglas Foster focused on eight important qualities when training students.

Besides the speech of the leadership representative, the students also had emotional experiences on this special day. Typical is the sharing of Thao Nguyen, a 7th grader at Scotch AGS. Thao Nguyen said that she had many interesting experiences at this school where she enjoyed a learning space with many modern pieces of equipment. Learning through experiments and research makes her want to explore new knowledge. In addition, students can also cultivate their confidence and bravery through presentation projects and co-curricular activities at the Scotch AGS event club, such as art, sports, public speaking, etc.

Scotch AGS Open Ceremony 2023
Thao Nguyen, one of the 7th graders, shared her feelings after a year of studying at Scotch AGS.

As the representative of 11th graders, Ngoc Mai shared about her learning journey over the past year. She said that she has grown a lot since she was able to improve herself in many fields, approach new learning methods, and successfully complete the set goals. In the school year 2023, Ngoc Mai inspired all students to try to learn and polish themselves more; don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, because only like that can a new learning journey begin and retain many meanings.

Scotch AGS Open Ceremony 2023
Ngoc Mai, a representative of 11th graders with her inspired speech.

One of the creative and new highlights of this year’s opening ceremony was the presentation about the Scotch AGS Event Club, a club of co-curricular activities implemented in the student community. Having been established since 2022, Scotch AGS Event Club has gradually been receiving a warm response from both students and school teachers because of the diversity and scale of the organization. With many outstanding activities in areas such as Sports, Academics, the Arts, Society-Community, Technology, Mindfulness, etc., this is one of the best playgrounds for Scotchies to confidently showcase their talents and personalities.

Scotch AGS Open Ceremony 2023
Scotch AGS Event Club – an interesting playground for all students, built by enthusiastic “Child Leaders”.

A profound message from the Chancellor of Scotch AGS created strong motivation for all students as a substitute for the end of the program: “Always learn and never stop making a question. This is key to helping each student build life-long learning abilities.”

The opening ceremony officially ended, starting a new journey full of opportunities and challenges for the students. Let’s wish Scotchies a successful school year filled with exciting experiences at Scotch AGS, the 100-year-old Australian school.