Paving the way to the top 1% universities from the 10th grade

The core difference of the high school training program at Scotch AGS is combining the quintessence of Western education with the precious traits and study habits of Eastern students. This also emphasises the school’s effort to create an international educational environment for Vietnamese talent, helping them quickly progress to the top 1% universities.

International high school program for the Talent

Dr. Douglas Foster – Chancellor at Scotch AGS – shared about the lack of proper mindset, skills of high school students when they enter universities in the “Info session – SACE & Pathway to the world’s top 1% universities from grade 10 at Scotch AGS“. This shortage greatly hinders their success in the journey of cultivating and improving skills at this level. Due to that, he has determined to bring an international high school program to the Vietnamese talent as a solid foundation for them to perform well at the top universities in Australia and the world’s top 1%.

At Scotch AGS, the journey to the world leading universities will be easier with the SACE program and the educational method from Scotch College Adelaide – a school with 100 years of history.

The performance of “Nam Quoc Son Ha” by students in the 2022 Closing Ceremony shows the effort of maintaining the beauty of Vietnamese culture in the international educational environment.

Specifically, a 100%-English curriculum will help students gain the ability to communicate and think in English fluently like a native (native English mindset). At the same time, the educational method at Scotch AGS also focuses on coordinating activities and subjects to keep nurturing the precious culture and values ​​of the Vietnamese. These are two fundamental factors in the school’s educational philosophy in training Vietnamese global citizens who respect their national identity.

The leadership team believes that the concept of “talent” is not only encapsulated in outstanding academic achievements but should also include other soft skills and talents. Due to that belief, Scotch AGS applies the quintessential of Western thinking and language in the training method. Hence, each student will have the opportunity to be able to fully promote their outstanding skills, talents, and the necessary mindsets to become a member of leading universities in Australia and the world.

“University Success” overweight “University Access”

During the seminar, Dr. Thu Phan – Executive Principal at Scotch AGS – has clarified the core difference between Western and Eastern education orientation. In the West, they perceive knowledge as a tool which provides learners with skills to apply in their life. On the contrary, Eastern countries mainly focus on the process of acquiring knowledge in order to perform the best in exams.

Dr. Thu Phan – Executive Principal at Scotch AGS – shares her views on “University Success” and “University Access” with parents.

That core difference has formed two distinct ways of thinking about the study journey at universities. For the Eastern, students acquire a huge amount of knowledge to meet the requirements of the graduation and entrance exam (University Access). It can be seen that the entire effort of the 3 years of high school is devoted to a single exam, which is reflected in the image of seniors studying day and night at school, exam preparation centres, and self-studying hubs in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, and Korea.

Meanwhile, the Western considers knowledge as a tool for learners to discover their unique strengths and talents. High school curricula in Western countries focus on activities that prepare students essential skills for the university level. With proper preparation, they will be more familiar with the training method and perform their best throughout the learning process at universities (University Success).

At Scotch AGS, The timetable is designed flexibly so that students can experience activities of many different fields.

In order to lay a solid foundation of wholesome knowledge and skills, the leadership team at Scotch AGS has designed a flexible schedule between academic subjects with hands-on lessons, research essays, social activities, extracurricular lessons of music, art, and sports.

Parents stayed to discuss with Dr. Douglas Foster and Dr. Thu Phan after the seminar ended.

Besides, the flexible program lets students make the most of 8 hours at school and have more time to develop their talents and personal skills after school, creating a healthy and balanced learning environment for them.

At the end of the seminar, parents and students had a better understanding toward the role of the SACE program and the difference in educational methods at Scotch AGS. This will be a helpful reference for them to be able to make appropriate choices for the next 3 important high school years.

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