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Scotch AGS International School is proud to be a companion with SACE International, bringing the Australian Baccalaureate – SACE training program to Vietnamese students.

South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)
South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)

For more information, please visit The SACE International and the Australian senior secondary program – including the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

The SACE is usually being delivered in the last 2 years of Scotch College Adelaide – Year 11 & 12 yet, our Scotch AGS students will now receive a competitive edge by beginning the SACE program as early as Grade 10.

The SACE curriculum, with its extraordinary efficient training features, will provide students with practical problem-solving and approach abilities, empowering them to minimize uncertainties and anticipated to make in their university learning process.

Students enrolled in the National High School Program of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam with the same credit points since Year 10 are eligible for recognition under the SACE.

Handbook for Scotch AGS Senior Curriculum, click here.

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Your SACE Journey

The Scotch AGS SACE curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Business, Science and Languages, as well as a compulsory Research Project on a topic of interest to the student. At Scotch AGS, our evaluation approach is a combination of internal (academic school and class activities) and external (cocurricular programs and practical interactions). SACE

7 General Capabilities

The program’s subjects are intended to help students develop the following personal competencies:


We develop skills to understand and interpret a variety of texts and people in a range of different situations and countries. Literacy is an every-century skill. Literacy is reading, remembering, writing, understanding, creating and speaking.


We gain knowledge to use Mathematics effectively to interpret information and solve problems. Having good numeracy skills mean you can reason and work with numbers, problem solve and think logically. By developing your numeracy skills, you will become an active and informed citizen.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

We learn how to use current and emerging technologies and understand their impact on society and the workplace. In our digital age, it is important to be a logical thinker, adaptable to change, and a team player. Technology skills allow you to communicate locally and globally.

Innovation and Creativity

We use innovative and creative thinking skills to identify and analyse complex topics and questions. Innovative and creative thinking skills are some of the most sought-after skills across every workplace. You will learn to think broadly and deeply using reason, logic imagination and innovation.

Personal and Social Skills

We are confident, self-disciplined and independent. We can work in a team and are resilient to deal with challenging situations. You will learn to be aware of your own and others’ emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. With a sense of self-worth, you will be optimistic, empathic and resilient. The personal and social capability is the foundation for the intellectually curious.

Ethical Understanding

We develop a deep understanding of ethical issues and how to manage them. Cultural, social, and environmental transformations are changing the world. You will develop ethical understanding when you explore local and global interactions and engage with complex issues. Your skills will allow you to navigate through a world of competing values and will support you as you transition from school to your chosen career path.

Intercultural Understanding

We appreciate and respect other people’s social and cultural backgrounds and learn about the diversity of our nation and the world. As you learn your own values, beliefs, and morals, you will learn those of others. You will come to understand intercultural understanding as an essential part of living in 21st century. You are encouraged to express empathy, respect, and responsibility.

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