Should students “Study Hard” or “Study Smart”?

“At Scotch AGS, we aim to build an optimal curriculum, ensuring that students spend their 8 hours at school in the most effective way.”

That is the statement of Dr. Thu Phan – Executive Principal of Scotch AGS – in the informational seminar ” Explore the Australian Primary and Middle School at Scotch AGS” at 300 Hoa Binh campus, Tan Phu district.

“Study hard” is still not enough

Diligence plays an important role in earning an impressive academic result. However, devoting a huge amount of time to study might not be the most efficient approach.

At Scotch AGS, the teachers pay special attention to help students discover the suitable learning method. Based on the teachers coaching, students will learn how to allocate learning time and systematise their lessons.

The teachers at Scotch AGS act as an important coach, helping students to figure out the effective learning methods.

The time studying is not proportional to the academic result. For example, many students only need 1-2 hours to complete assignments. On the contrary, some students need double or even triple the same amount of time with the same problem. The imbalance of time allocation will take away their leisure time to explore the world and build quality relationships with friends and family. Therefore, concentration is essential for students to use their time effectively.

During the revision period, students learn by rote all the notes. However, this method will not help them to perform their best in the tests. Consequently, they don’t get the desired results despite the days and nights spent memorising all the notes. Therefore, teachers will instruct various learning methods such as mind maps, experiments, practical practices, and independent research activities to help students memorise the knowledge better and understand the core knowledge of the lessons.

The combination of “Study Hard” & “Study Smart”

So, should it be “Study Hard” or “Study Smart”? To answer this, Dr. Thu Phan believes that both of these approaches are necessary. The appropriate learning method will affect the quality of students’ learning process. If they can harmonise these two well, time will be saved and the best performance will come.

Students at Scotch AGS experience a learning pathway with optimal learning forms such as research, practice, and systematisation of knowledge from smart learning applications.

Based on a reasonable allocation between subjects, extracurricular programs and sports activities, Scotch AGS wants to provide an effective learning pathway while helping students make the most of their time at school.

Besides theory lessons, students also have time to attend exercises and practice sessions at the school under the guidance of qualified teachers. This allows them to complete most of their assignments and spend more time with their families and other activities after school. In addition, they gain full access to modern learning applications such as HOTmaths, STILE, and MyELT. All are trusted online applications for them to learn, systematise knowledge.

The combination of “Study hard” and “Study Smart” will help students learn effectively.

“Because the curriculum has been optimally designed, parents do not need to send their children to study at cram classes. Instead, they can enroll theirs in more gifted subjects. Thanks to that, students can have fun and cultivate outstanding skills.” Dr. Thu Phan shared more.