SACE – An opportunity for students to discover their strengths right from Grade 10

“There are students who ended their high school years without knowing what they truly want to pursuit” – Dr. Douglas Foster – Chancellor of Scotch AGS – sharing his thought on the series “Info session – SACE Journey: The Australian Baccalaureate – SACE & Pathway to the world’s top 1% universities from grade 10 at Scotch AGS”.

The best-performed subjects should not be the only measurement

Many students share that they only pay attention to the subjects that performed well. Then, they will choose their preferred majors or career based on those. However, this is not the right solution.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Career Center’s figures, 75% of university and college students realize that they have chosen the wrong major after their studies. The main reason is the lack of a wholesome evaluation to determine students’ abilities and suitability for that profession.

Students’ ability is measured in different criteria such as their mindset, soft skills, communication skills, and their attitude toward that profession. To cultivate these well, it is necessary to choose the right learning path from the 10th grade of high school.

The exploitation of your full potential with SACE

As the official high school program of the state of South Australia, SACE is considered a potential pathway to help students easily apply for admission to top universities. The program is optimally designed to be flexible, and student-centered in all learning activities, creating opportunities for them to develop 7 general capabilities including literacy, ICT capabilities, ethical understanding, numeracy, personal & social capabilities, intercultural understanding, and innovation & creativity.

Scotch AGS students present the SACE program to parents and the school board.

Dr. Thu Phan – Executive Principal of Scotch AGS – shared that the advantage of SACE is the inclusion of subjects that help students to determine their preferred career path. In the 11th and 12th grades, they will have access to a variety of university-related subjects.

For instance, if a student wants to major in Business, he/she will have the opportunity to learn and experience subjects related to Accounting, Business Innovation, etc. Or if they love the field of Design, they will have access to the Visual Art and Design subject.

The priority to choose suitable subjects in the SACE program will give students new experiences which enrich their knowledge and life capital as a basis for choosing a major at the university level.

In particular, the school board always listens and cares deeply about the aspirations of students. Before entering the course selection phase of Grade 11 (the first stage of the SACE program), the school conducts personality & psychological quizzes, and one-on-one consultations to help students determine the career or major that is the most suitable for their capabilities.

Students at Scotch AGS participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Besides, extracurricular activities and skill clubs for students at Scotch AGS are built in many fields such as maths, music, sports, media, etc. Combining with the training method from the hundred-year-old school – Scotch College Adelaide, these activities have created useful playgrounds to help students hone the necessary soft skills. This is also considered as an effective career-oriented method, contributing to helping students understand what they want to pursue in life and their real strengths, thereby laying a solid foundation for them to choose the suitable major at university level.

Participating in appropriate extracurricular activities contributes to improving self-confidence, helping students to express and discover themselves.

Choosing a career requires students to understand themselves, and know their true interests and abilities so that they can choose an appropriate learning path. Hence, the SACE program will be the key to opening opportunities for students to experience a variety of subjects, gain knowledge and solid skills to determine their desired major at university and have a clear orientation for their future career. 

“Info session – SACE Journey: The Australian Baccalaureate – SACE & Pathway to the world’s top 1% universities from grade 10 at Scotch AGS” is a series of informative seminars organized by Scotch AGS to provide parents and students useful information about the curriculum at Scotch AGS high school and SACE – the ticket to the world’s top universities. Kindly register at the button below to be updated with useful educational information.