Experience is the key to lifelong learning

Expercience is the key to lifelong learning

“Lifelong learning is experiencing, not just getting a good score.”

That is the sharing of the Scotch AGS leadership team representatives in the information session “Explore Australian Primary and Middle School” which took place on the morning of April 22, 2023 at Scotch AGS Hoa Binh, Tan Phu.

Do grades determine learning abilities?

For a long time, grades have been a common way to assess students learning abilities. However, the score is not always a full measure of the children’s real ability. Many parents still want their children to get the maximum score on tests, unknowingly putting pressure on them or losing their motivation to study.

“If your child got a 7 or 8 on a test, how would you react?” is a survey question in the Scotch AGS info session. According to the results, only some parents are satisfied with their children’s performance. Most parents expect their children to work harder to improve their grades.

Expercience is the key to lifelong learning
Dr. Kelly Sharp, a representative of the Scotch AGS leadership team, shared with parents at the information session.

Sharing with parents, a representative of the Scotch AGS leadership team said that parents should be satisfied with their children’s grades when they have tried their best. In addition, parents should encourage them to participate in other co-curricular, sports and the arts, so that they have the opportunity to discover more about the world and develop confidence in expressing themselves.

In cases in which children have not really tried their best but still get good grades, we need to boost their learning motivation so that they can break through to conquer new learning goals, such as in grades 9 and 10. By properly understanding their child’s learning situation and real ability, parents will have effective plans to support their children to improve their scores in the future.

What do parents need to do?

To answer the question, “How can parents know their children’s learning situation at school?” A representative of Scotch AGS said that we need to maintain the connection between the school and parents. At Scotch AGS, one of the most effective communication channels between schools and parents is SEQTA. This is an application system that has been used by more than 2,200 schools with 395,000 students in 60 countries around the world.

During the learning process at Scotch AGS, the school and teachers are always responsible for observing, monitoring, and updating the students learning situation by recording on the system the students’ efforts or changes in both the positive aspects and the areas that need improvement so that parents can timely grasp the information. SEQTA is a bridge connecting and sharing information between Scotch AGS, parents, and students to enhance the quality of learning.

Expercience is the key to lifelong learning
A student asked a question about lifelong learning and the curriculum at Soctch AGS.

The information session also revolved around answering questions for parents about the special advantages of the Australian education system, curriculum, and training pathways, as well as helping parents receive advice on the application process to apply for admission at Scotch AGS.

“Explore Australian Primary and Middle School at Scotch AGS” is a series of information seminars organized by Scotch AGS school with the desire to provide useful information to parents and students about the Australian education, training philosophy, and curriculum for Primary and Middle levels at Scotch AGS. Register to attend the seminars to learn more about useful educational information and easily choose a learning environment for your child.