School Tour 2023: A Day with Scotch AGS – Mầm non Việt Preschool

School tour 2023 - A day with Scotch AGS

On the morning of April 8th, 2023, the Scotch AGS leadership team delightedly welcomed representatives from Mầm non Việt Preschool, accompanied by their teachers and 50 students, to participate in ‘School Tour 2023 – A Day with Scotch AGS’ series.

The School Tour centred around three main activities: touring the school facilities, experiencing the learning environment through play-based activities, and parents’ meeting and Q&A with the Scotch AGS leadership team and admissions staff.

Mam non Viet preschool at Scotch AGS.
Mam non Viet preschool’s Students stayed in line to experience a day at Scotch AGS.

Upon arrival at the school courtyard at 8:30 am, following our tour guide, the preschool students patiently queued up to startexploring Scotch AGS school campus, which included classrooms, mini soccer fields, art rooms, swimming pools…

After the school tour, the students engaged in a range of activities with the school’s teachers in the experience area, those of which were divided into two groups: intellectual activities including games such as sand painting, music, and STEM model making, and physical activities consisting of games such as soccer, fishing, badminton…

Students were excited to take part in the games.

Subsequently, the Scotch AGS representatives shared details of the training program, admission information, and assisted parents in answering questions and concerns during the school selection process for their children at the primary level.

Students of Mam non Viet preschool had a happy day as primary students at Scotch AGS.

The School Tour 2023 event provided Mầm non Việt Preschool students with an exciting opportunity to experience the learning environment of an elementary school student at Scotch AGS, the 100-year-old Australian school . Additionally, it offered parents a chance to visit the new Scotch AGS campus at 300 Hòa Bình, Tân Phú District, and obtain helpful educational information to make a right decision in selecting a school for their child at grade 1.