First Opening Ceremony at Scotch AGS

Scotch AGS Opening Ceremony

On the morning of September 5, 2022, the opening ceremony of the new school year 2022-2023 was solemnly held at the South Australian School System – Scotch AGS with the joyful welcome of students and parents.

First year at the South Australian School System – Scotch AGS

This is the first year Scotch AGS holds the opening ceremony, starting the long-term presence of the 100-year-old school in Vietnam. The opening ceremony was very honored to have the presence of

  • Scotch AGS School Board – Principal – Mr. Clive Swale
  • Principal and CEO of Scotch College Adelaide – Dr. John Newton
  • Australian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City – Mrs. Sarah Hooper
  • Representative of SACE International (Program Business Development Manager) – Mr. Matt Clarke
  • Staff and students at Scotch AGS

From speeches to inspirational quotes

Scotch AGS Opening Ceremony
Dr. Newton – Princial of Scotch College Adelaide

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Dr. John Newton not only expressed his excitement when sharing with new students, but he also inspired them by the inspirational quote: “Find your strengths, goals, and directions. Ask yourself, what can you do? You are very young. You have a promising future. And when you have the goals, Scotch AGS will help you achieve those goals.”

In addition, in an interview with Scotch AGS, he said that teaching is not only about providing knowledge to a child but also help them self-study. That is also the motto that he wants the teachers at Scotch AGS to be a teacher who can inspire students to promote their self-study spirit.

Besides, not stopping at the 100-year milestone, Dr. John Newton believes Scotch AGS will continue to thrive in the future with excellent faculty, talented students, and the partnership with Scotch College Adelaide, which will contribute to the expansion of Scotch College Adelaide, Scotch AGS in Vietnam and beyond.

As a representative of SACE International, Mr. Matt Clarke also shared about the importance of the SACE program taught in Vietnam. This is one of the keys to open the door to the world’s top 1% universities. It will build the skills they need to integrate into the world.

Scotch AGS Opening Ceremony
Students give the gifts to Scotch College Adelaide Representatives.

At the end of the speech, Scotch AGS Principal, Mr. Clive Swale believes that through the values that Scotch AGS School has embodied, he hopes students and school staff will work  effectively together on the spirit of respect, mutual trust, and self-belief in order to achieve many achievements together.

Closing Ceremony

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted right at the main gate of Scotch AGS International School in the congratulations of all teachers and school leaders after the ceremony ended.

Scotch AGS Opening Ceremony
Ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Scotch AGS School Board at the main gate.

The first opening ceremony at Scotch AGS took place successfully. Let’s wish the new students more success and start their exciting learning journey with many exciting experiences at Scotch AGS centennial school.

Scotch AGS – The 100-year-old Australian school has officially come into operation in Ho Chi Minh City, including 3 campuses across the city (Phu Nhuan – Tan Phu – Nha Be). With the mission of providing a comprehensive education and nurturing Vietnamese talents, we are committed to maximizing the learning potential of students, upholding human values, respect, trust and loyalty. integrity, challenging each student to become a global citizen, leadership, and lifelong learning.