Exploring Vietnam’s history: Scotch AGS students eagerly join “View into the Past” competition

The first doctoral candidate of Scotch AGS at View into the past contest.

In pursuit of its motto, “Studying in an international school while preserving Vietnamese identity,” Scotch AGS recently organized an exhilarating contest called “View into the Past” on Vietnamese history, which was open to all students from grades 6-10.

The contest had the participation of 4 teams: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Saigon, and Ben Tre. Each team had 5 contestants from grades 6-10.

View into the past contest at Scotch AGS
Scotch AGS students were very excited to take part in the contest.

The contest had an exciting “Ringing a Golden Bell” format, where the members of each team had to answer questions about Vietnam’s history displayed on the screen. If they held up the correct answer, they continued to the next question, but if not, they had to leave the competition area. The last contestant remaining on the field was declared the winner and titled “The first doctoral candidate of Scotch AGS”.

In the preliminary round, 20 contestants competed passing many challenging questions to eliminate their competitors. The students answered questions related to the topic of thousand years of building and protecting ancient Vietnamese against invaders of the Hung Kings, along with related Vietnamese legends.

View into the past contest
Scotch AGS students paid attention to listen and answer the questions from the MC.

The competition was full of excitement and energy, with many other students cheering from the grandstand area. After the results announcement, the 3 strongest teams entered the final round, including Hanoi, Saigon and Ben Tre.

The competition continued until there was only one contestant left on the field. This student became the winner of the title of “The first doctoral candidate of Scotch AGS” with only 1 question knocking out more than 10 other contestants.

The first doctoral candidate of Scotch AGS
The first doctoral candidate of Scotch AGS were on the stage to take pictures in “View into the Past” contest.

The first doctoral candidate of Scotch AGS shared with the organisers: “The questions from the contest are not easy at all. Therefore, I feel extremely excited and proud of myself for winning this round, and I am eager to wear the special clothes of the winner and take pictures with my friends.”

Let’s look forward to the final round of the contest “View into the past” which will take place on April 28th, 2023 to find the best candidate of Scotch AGS on the journey to explore and conquer Vietnamese history knowledge.