The SACE Journey – Unlocking Gen Z #8: Vietnamese Gen Z with the autonomy in learning

The SACE Journey 8

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does learning mean?” Why is learning a certain path to success?

Nowadays, Vietnamese parents tend to protect their children even in school. This in the long time makes them rely on parents, reduce their self-control in learning and no longer realize the value of learning. They only learn because of pressure or performance in exams, scores.

So how does autonomy in learning affect Gen Z’s learning outcomes? How to build learning autonomy skills for them, especially when the learning program is relentlessly being renewed?

All the questions will be revealed in the next episode “The SACE Journey – Unlocking Gen Z”, Talkshow 8: Vietnamese Gen Z with autonomy in learning. Through the event, we will understand the importance of learning and finding proactive and timely learning methods, building self-learning capacity to integrate with the innovation period.

Time: 20:00 – Tuesday – May 17, 2022
Format: Livestream online

  • Dr. Nguyen Tran Phi Yen – Lecturer at RMIT University, Communication Director of Beowulf Technology Group
  • Dr. Gian Tu Trung – Educator, Director of the Institute of Education IRED

Main points

  • Independence and autonomy in learning
  • Methods of building and improving self-learning for students
  • The role of parents in building their children’s autonomy in learning

“The SACE Journey – Unlocking Gen Z” is a series of events organized by Scotch AGS and VnExpress Online Newspaper with the desire to help parents decipher the world of their children at the age of 20. Gen Z, thereby equipping them with useful knowledge to guide and accompany their children on the journey to conquer their future academic and career goals.