“The SACE Journey – Unlocking Gen Z” #4: Crisis of Personal Identity

the sace journey 4 personal identity crisis

“Who are you?” or “What do you exist for?”. Personal life-oriented questions seem simple but are not easy to answer.

In the age of information explosion like today, having to access too many streams of opinions and judgments makes Gen Z confused in shaping their personality, even facing identity crises at many different stages in life.

So what does Gen Z need to do? What lessons or advice does Gen Z have to absorb and adjust to not fall into an identity crisis?

Following the series of events “The SACE Journey – Unlocking Gen Z” will be the fourth episode with the theme: PERSONAL IDENTITY CRISIS.

The seminar will be the sharing of guests who are also Gen Z people as well as answering questions about themselves to truly understand the true identity of each individual. From there, shape your identity, understand your inner personality to promote your strengths, easily determine your future goals and contribute to society.

Time: 8pm – Tuesday – 04/12/2022
Format: Livestream online

  • Dr. Nguyen Tran Phi Yen – Lecturer at RMIT University, Communication Director of Beowulf Technology Group.
  • Le Ngoc Thao Nguyen. PhD Student in Public Diplomacy, University of Nottingham, UK / Lecturer in International Relations in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Nguyen Huynh Nhat Tien. Dual student majoring in Communication and Computer Science, DePau University, USA.
  • Pham Thuy Duong. Student in Chemical Engineering and Science, University of Adelaide / Graduate of the Australian Baccalaureate – SACE at Scotch College Adelaide, Australia.

Event content:

  • What is an identity crisis?
  • How Gen Z copes with its identity crisis and guests’ advice.

“The SACE Journey – Unlocking Gen Z” is a series of events organized by Scotch AGS and Vnexpress Online Newspaper with the desire to help parents decipher the world of their children at the age of 20. Gen Z, thereby equipping them with useful knowledge to guide and accompany their children on the journey to conquer their future academic and career goals.