“Talk with Scotch AGS” #2: Get to know Scotch College Adelaide and SACE International

The workshop “Talk with Scotch AGS” #2: Get to know Scotch College Adelaide and SACE International took place with the participation and connection of guests who are Dr. John Newton – Principal of Scotch College Adelaide and Prof. Martin Westwell – Managing Director of SACE International with the guidance of Dr. Hoa Pham – Project Development Manager at Scotch AGS.

The guests had practical sharing and multi-dimensional perspectives on the importance of SACE and SACE’s connection with the top prestigious school Scotch College Adelaide.

Event content

  • Introducing the famous 100-year-old school in Australia
  • Connection between Scotch College Adelaide and the SACE


At the beginning, we will hear the guests share about the hundred-year-old school. Located in the hills of South Australia, Scotch College Adelaide offers students a holistic learning and development environment.

John Newton, Headmaster of Scotch College Adelaide, said the school regularly organizes many activities to engage and improve the quality of learning for students: “We invite politicians to share information or organize events. talk with business experts to equip them with practical knowledge about entrepreneurship”.

We have International programming connections with 7 schools around the world and host online conferences with schools for students to participate in learning about how they work. Besides, we orient the students to actively participate in community activities.”

The next one is guest comments and assessments for SACE – an international baccalaureate degree recognized by the South Australian Commission. With many years of experience working in the field of education, Professor Martin Westwell – CEO of SACE International shared about SACE’s orientation for students:

“After graduating from SACE, students grow up and succeed in their future career orientation. I think this is a perfect preparation for any route to University.”

As the head of Scotch College Adelaide and also a parent, Dr. John Newton fully agrees: “My two children, after completing their SACE program in Australia, went to a university in the UK. The two children also really adapted and developed well thanks to the knowledge and skills experienced from the SACE curriculum. Therefore, I can confidently recommend the SACE program as both a parent and a principal at Scotch College Adelaide.”

The event ended with answering questions and providing parents and students with information about Scotch College Adelaide and the SACE, thereby helping them have a clear view of the centennial school as well as the SACE program.