Australian Mathematics Competition 2022 has attracted over 850 contestants from Hanoi and nearby areas.

First run in 1978, the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is Australia’s longest running, largest and most prestigious school-based Maths competition for students (grade 3 – grade 12). Until now, the AMC has discovered and nurtured numerous maths talents in Australian schools as well as in other countries.

In the past 45 years, thanks to the contest’s reputation, it has attracted more than 20 million contestants (grade 3 – grade 12) from 60 countries and regions.

Australian Mathematics Competition
Intellectual mathematics event for worldwide students

Attending AMC 2023 – Going International

  • Test students’ Maths skills at an international level
  • Earn a certificate from the Australian Mathematical Trust (AMT), which is highly regarded when applying for undergraduate scholarships
  • Create a premise for students to continue competing in some of Australia’s prestigious maths competitions, such as Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians – MCYA, Australian Informatics Competition – AIC, Computational and Algorithmic Thinking – CAT, Australian Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad – AIM

Policies and Prizes

Contest policies

The test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions in English (some keywords are translated into Vietnamese). Then, the answer sheet will be confidential and be evaluated in Australia. The difficulty is customised for each level.


  • Level 1: Students in grade 3 – 4
  • Level 2: Students in grade 5 – 6
  • Level 3: Students in grade 7 – 8
  • Level 4: Students in grade 9 – 10
  • Level 5: Students in grade 11 – 12

For level 1 and level 2, the test duration will be 60 minutes. Contestants from level 3 – 5 will have 75 minutes to complete the test.

Contestants must bring their ID/ Student card/ Birth certificate to verify their identity.

Registration fee and payment process

Registration fee: 400.000 VND

Fee payment deadline: 25/07/2023

Payment via bank account:

  • Transfer information:
    • Account number: 96896988
    • Bank information: Asia Commercial Bank – ACB
  • Transfer content: “AMC – Contestant name – Phone number”


All contestants will receive one of the following certificates from the Australian Maths Trust (ATM), corresponding to the grades listed below:


Scotch AGS Campus
Address: 05 Truong Quoc Dung, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC
Tel: (028) 398 98 999

Australian Mathematics Competition in Vietnam