Junior School

Building strong foundations

Scotch College AGS’s Junior program aims to build a strong foundation for a lifelong learning journey of children.

Since this is a time when children exhibit their curiosity about the world around them, their interests and their discoveries and personal abilities, the first few years of life are crucial in defining each child’s personality and learning attitude.

Our Scotch College AGS primary program is developed on the Australia National Curriculum to provide an encouraging and nurturing environment for unique talents. The small classroom size allows our educators to observe and assess each student’s ability, especially in literacy and numeracy skills – which are fundamental in education. Annually, end-of-term evaluations are provided, along with the instructor assessments throughout the area of study, to ensure that students are developing at the appropriate level of competency of these two abilities.

As well as English and Mathematics, students will be involved in a wide range of subjects from the Australian National Curriculum, such as Science, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Welfare. These field of studies are frequently taught in an integrative approach, utilizing question-based learning (active learning that begins with the presentation of a question, problem, or scenario) to diversify and transform their learning experience.

The Junior School environment will encourage learners in developing essential life perceptions, social skills, and resilience to become successful, confident, creative, proactive, and knowledgeable learners, ready for the next step of their educational journey.

Year 1 & 2

In their first year of school, students learn through teaching interactions with others, experimentation, practice and play in the classroom and school community. Priority is given to literacy and numeracy development as these are the foundations upon which further learning is built. Opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy are found in all subjects but particularly in English and Mathematics. Learning in classroom and belonging to a school community are key to the first year at school.


Year 3 & 4

In year 3 and 4, students become more independent; they communicate with other more effectively. English and Mathematics continue to be a priority; literacy and numeracy are developed across all learning areas. The curriculum further builds the essential knowledge and skills in literacy, consolidating ‘learning to read and write’.


Year 5

In Year 5, students develop an ability to take positive actions for their wellbeing; they relate to others and communicate well with others; they make informed decisions and act responsibly. The development of information and communication technology skills increases across the curriculum at this level.



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